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What does it take to create a website?

The requirements for profile skills vary greatly. This point depends primarily on the size of the project and on the tools/platforms used by the project owners.

To give you an example, here is a list of specialties that have developed in the field of site building:

  1. SEO specialists – responsible for promoting the project in search engine rankings.
  2. Designers – are responsible for how the site and will look.
  3. Codesetters – convert designers’ layouts into HTML code.
  4. Programmers – because most modern websites are run on CMS-systems or frameworks, are engaged in fine-tuning the functionality to meet the requirements of the owner.
  5. Copywriters – write texts.
  6. This is what is called the “gentlemen’s kit”. There may also be project managers, integrators, SMM-specialists, those who deal with reputation (SERM), and others.

Accordingly, if you plan to deal with your project without the involvement of outside specialists, you will solve all the related tasks yourself.

As we mentioned above, many technical tasks can be easily solved by using standard solutions or special services. For example, the design will not need to be developed if you choose a ready-made template for a CMS-system or use an online constructor. To automate the SEO-tasks there are special online services or modules within the designers / CMS-systems. You can easily do without the services of programmers, if you choose the right engine or online services to create websites (so it would cover the maximum functionality you need).

Nowadays, the lack of profile experience and specialized knowledge is not an obstacle for launching websites on your own.